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LifeSaver Blood Donation: Give the Gift of Life

About Blood Doners

Welcome to LifeSaver Blood Donation, where you have the power to save lives! Our organization is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the noble act of blood donation. Every day, numerous patients, accident victims, and individuals with serious medical conditions rely on blood transfusions for their survival. By joining our cause, you become a life-saver and a beacon of hope for those in need.

Why Donate Blood:

Saving Lives

Blood is a precious resource that cannot be manufactured. Your donation can help save the lives of patients undergoing surgeries, cancer treatments, trauma victims, and others facing life-threatening conditions.

Emergency Support

During natural disasters, accidents, or emergencies, there is an increased demand for blood. Regular donors ensure there is a ready supply when these situations arise.

Community Impact

Blood donation is a powerful way to give back to your community. Your selfless act helps strengthen the bonds of humanity and creates a positive impact on society.

Health Benefits

Blood donation is not only beneficial to recipients but also to donors. It stimulates the production of new blood cells and can help maintain good health by reducing the risk of certain illnesses.


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Bhutadas Nagaur Rajasthan
Blood Group : AB+ / Age : 30

Village Mundiyar Tehsil Mundwa

952 1467 511
Padmana das
Blood Group : B+ / Age : 29

Village-rangamatiguda,po-mirganiguda, block-nandahandi,ps-nabarangpur

789 4722 942
Dileep das
Blood Group : A1B+ / Age : 30


933 6364 447